BEHCO/Youngblood Automation, an authorized distributor of SICK Detection Sensors, advances industrial automation by providing sensor solutions to various industries. Discover more about SICK and BEHCO/Youngblood Automation today! 

With a steadfast commitment to advancing industrial automation, BEHCO/Youngblood proudly partners with SICK, a global leader in sensor solutions. As an authorized SICK Distributor, BEHCO/Youngblood plays a crucial role in ensuring that SICK's cutting-edge sensor intelligence reaches industries worldwide. From optimizing factory automation to streamlining logistics processes and enhancing process automation, SICK's innovative sensor solutions provide the perfect foundation for driving efficiency and safety.

As an authorized distributor of SICK products, BEHCO/Youngblood stands at the forefront of delivering unparalleled sensor solutions to our customers. Our collaboration with SICK allows us to provide expert guidance and support, empowering businesses to meet the most stringent automation requirements with confidence.

As an authorized Distributor, BEHCO/Youngblood is setting new benchmarks in industrial automation. Our partnership with SICK offers solutions that redefine efficiency, safety, and sustainability, ensuring that industries remain at the forefront of innovation.

DISCLAIMER: BEHCO/Youngblood Automation may or may not be authorized to sell in all regions, contact your BEHCO/Youngblood Sales Representative for availability.

Sensors & Encoders

W10 - The World's first touchscreen sensor

DGS80 - Rugged incremental encoder

DT80 - Measure distance with outstanding precision


Flexl Compact - Safety under control; Compact, Easy & Efficient

FlexLock - RFID-monitored safety locking device

nanoScan3 - SICK's smallest safety laser scanner at 80mm high


Visionary Mini - Compact 3D machine vision with TOF technology

RFU 610 - Compact UHF transponder identification

Lector611 - Compact (smallest on the market), easy-to-install liquid lens code reader

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