CTS has been supplying leak detection equipment to customers all over the globe for over 30 years. They offer the industry's broadest selection of leak detection instruments, along with the data management/analytics software to optimize your leak test system. This equipment can be for pressure decay, vacuum decay, mass flow, helium leak or other leak detection. The process of leak detection is important in any manufacturing or assembly process to help ensure your business's quality and performance.

**Sold in Ohio, West Virginia & Western Pennsylvania Only

Test Instruments

CTS offers standard leak detection equipment along with custom-built systems for your unique needs. Using gas or air, along with pressure or vacuum power, CTS leak test instruments detect leaks along with other defects in parts or systems.

CTS Connect

This line consists of pneumatic connectors and tube fittings that are made to fit any of their systems. CTS’s focus with these components is to make sure they are made to be resistant to all types of fluids and chemicals. If you have a specific application need, they can also create custom pneumatic seals.


Their lines of seals include rod, symmetric, piston and axial seals—used in cylinders and valves or other rotary components. This line also includes over 1000 different industrial seals—in all shapes, sizes and hardness. Pictures shown below are just a few that they offer.

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