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Beginning in 1968 out of Switzerland, BalTec is now the global leader in riveting technology and has expanded into assembly presses and special engineered assembly cells. BalTec is the best source for any cold forming, fastening, or riveted assembly application. Their team strives to provide a high level of customer satisfaction by supporting in both testing and service centers all over the world. They can also assist in determining the best joining technology for your business.


**Sold in Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Only

", "sections": [ { "__internal-title": "Radial Riveting and Orbital Riveting", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Radial Riveting and Orbital Riveting", "description": "

Radial Riveting technology is the best way to ensure a high quality joint in a short amount of time. This technology has a low cycle time and it requires little amount of force. Orbital riveting gives you the same outcome, however it is not as gentle as radial riveting and you can visibly see the rivet after the process is done. Radial Riveting creates a rose petal path and Orbital creates a cone path or a circular motion.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/baltec-2.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/baltec-6-2.png", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/baltec-10.png", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "Roller Forming", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Roller Forming", "description": "

These machines are often used for applications involving thin material walls and large diameters. The molded rollers are mounting onto a rotating spindle and then they unroll themselves onto the part. Depending on your needs, Baltec will construct a specific rolling head so you get the form you are looking for.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/baltec-4.png", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/baltec-5.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/baltec-1-2.jpg", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "Process Monitoring", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Process Monitoring", "description": "

When process monitoring was first offered 20 years ago, it was developed solely for radial riveting; but now it is used in all processes within Baltec. They created this process to help control and monitor the amount of time it takes for their technology to create the force-stroke curves. The goal is to help meet compliance, to reduce rework costs, and to reduce process times.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/baltec-7.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/baltec-8.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/baltec-9.jpg", "caption": "" } ] } ], "website_url": "" }" ["archived"]=> string(0) "" ["archived_inherited"]=> string(0) "" ["publish_at"]=> NULL ["expire_at"]=> NULL ["max_age"]=> string(1) "0" ["last_edited_by"]=> string(1) "6" ["ga_page_views"]=> string(1) "0" ["position"]=> string(1) "0" ["created_at"]=> string(19) "2019-12-18 15:25:18" ["updated_at"]=> string(19) "2020-02-12 13:28:41" }
Cincinnati Test Systems
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CTS has been supplying leak detection equipment to customers all over the globe for over 30 years. They offer the industry's broadest selection of leak detection instruments, along with the data management/analytics software to optimize your leak test system. This equipment can be for pressure decay, vacuum decay, mass flow, helium leak or other leak detection. The process of leak detection is important in any manufacturing or assembly process to help ensure your business's quality and performance.


**Sold in Ohio, West Virginia & Western Pennsylvania Only

", "sections": [ { "__internal-title": "Test Instruments", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Test Instruments", "description": "

CTS offers standard leak detection equipment along with custom-built systems for your unique needs. Using gas or air, along with pressure or vacuum power, CTS leak test instruments detect leaks along with other defects in parts or systems.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/cts-4.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/cts-5.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/cts-1-9.jpg", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "CTS Connect", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "CTS Connect", "description": "

This line consists of pneumatic connectors and tube fittings that are made to fit any of their systems. CTS\u2019s focus with these components is to make sure they are made to be resistant to all types of fluids and chemicals. If you have a specific application need, they can also create custom pneumatic seals.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/cts-3-2.png", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/cts-connect.gif", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/spring-mount-adapters.png", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "Seals", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Seals", "description": "

Their lines of seals include rod, symmetric, piston and axial seals\u2014used in cylinders and valves or other rotary components. This line also includes over 1000 different industrial seals\u2014in all shapes, sizes and hardness. Pictures shown below are just a few that they offer.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/seal-1-2.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/seal-4-2.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/seal-5-2.jpg", "caption": "" } ] } ], "website_url": "" }" ["archived"]=> string(0) "" ["archived_inherited"]=> string(0) "" ["publish_at"]=> NULL ["expire_at"]=> NULL ["max_age"]=> string(1) "0" ["last_edited_by"]=> string(1) "6" ["ga_page_views"]=> string(1) "0" ["position"]=> string(1) "0" ["created_at"]=> string(19) "2019-12-18 15:26:19" ["updated_at"]=> string(19) "2020-02-12 13:29:10" }
Gate Technologies
array(25) { ["id"]=> string(2) "55" ["trunk"]=> string(0) "" ["parent"]=> string(1) "2" ["in_nav"]=> string(2) "on" ["nav_title"]=> string(17) "Gate Technologies" ["route"]=> string(17) "gate-technologies" ["path"]=> string(27) "equipment/gate-technologies" ["title"]=> string(17) "Gate Technologies" ["meta_keywords"]=> string(0) "" ["meta_description"]=> string(0) "" ["seo_invisible"]=> string(0) "" ["template"]=> string(21) "manufacturer_featured" ["external"]=> string(0) "" ["new_window"]=> string(0) "" ["resources"]=> string(3360) "{ "page_header": "Gate Technologies", "logo": "{staticroot}files/pages/cds-gti-logos-600x165-002.jpg", "brand_copy": "

Gate technologies has been serving the worldwide network for over 70 years and is the worldwide network for Cam Driven Systems. They provide the highest accuracy and repeatability within automation. Some of their most popular products include rotary indexers, robotic weld positioners, standard and special cams.  


**Sold in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Only

", "sections": [ { "__internal-title": "Cams", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Cams", "description": "

CDS offers various model sizes of Cam Driven or Servo controlled rotary positioners\u2014ranging from 200 pounds to 20,000+ pounds. Simply provide them with your drawings and they can produce what you\u2019re looking for.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/gate-1.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/camme_01.png", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/cds.png", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "Rotary Tables", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Rotary Tables", "description": "

Gate offers 11 different types of rotary tables with each series having different features. These rotary tables can be focused towards flexibility, speed, reaction time and more.\u00a0

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/gate-2.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/gate-3.png", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/gate-rotary-table.png", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "Indexers", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Indexers", "description": "

Gate's line of Indexers includes Parallel indexers, Oscillator indexers, and Servo indexers. Each one has different features; their parallel indexers utilize a paradromic cam set and friction cam. Within their Oscillating line of indexers, they offer the HP series which features the shortest index angle available on the market. The servo line is targeted towards applications where high compact and robust solutions are required.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/gate-6.png", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/gate-5.png", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/gate-4.png", "caption": "" } ] } ], "website_url": "" }" ["archived"]=> string(0) "" ["archived_inherited"]=> string(0) "" ["publish_at"]=> NULL ["expire_at"]=> NULL ["max_age"]=> string(1) "0" ["last_edited_by"]=> string(1) "6" ["ga_page_views"]=> string(1) "0" ["position"]=> string(1) "0" ["created_at"]=> string(19) "2019-12-18 15:27:09" ["updated_at"]=> string(19) "2020-02-12 13:29:26" }
Hoosier Feeder Company
array(25) { ["id"]=> string(2) "56" ["trunk"]=> string(0) "" ["parent"]=> string(1) "2" ["in_nav"]=> string(2) "on" ["nav_title"]=> string(22) "Hoosier Feeder Company" ["route"]=> string(22) "hoosier-feeder-company" ["path"]=> string(32) "equipment/hoosier-feeder-company" ["title"]=> string(22) "Hoosier Feeder Company" ["meta_keywords"]=> string(0) "" ["meta_description"]=> string(0) "" ["seo_invisible"]=> string(0) "" ["template"]=> string(21) "manufacturer_featured" ["external"]=> string(0) "" ["new_window"]=> string(0) "" ["resources"]=> string(3531) "{ "page_header": "Hoosier Feeder Company", "logo": "{staticroot}files/pages/hoosier-feeder-logo.jpg", "brand_copy": "



Hooser Feeder company is your leader in Centrifugal & Vibratory Feeders serving clients across the US, Canada and Mexico. They provide you with machines you can count on; they are durable, reliable and high-speed. Hoosier offers a variety of services, including building custom equipment or just routine maintenance.


**Sold in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Only

", "sections": [ { "__internal-title": "Vibratory Feeders", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Vibratory Feeders", "description": "

These feeding systems are custom designed for every application which allows Hoosier to create them in the best way suitable for your business. Vibratory Feeders are used to repeatably discharge and orient parts within the assembly process. One of the biggest benefits that sets Hoosier Feeders apart from its competitors is that these feeders can feed multiple part styles within the same system\u2014increasing flexibility and efficiency.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/hoosier-1.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/hoosier-2.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/hoosier-3.jpg", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "Centrifugal Feeders", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Centrifugal Feeders", "description": "

These feeders focus is more targeted towards efficiency and speed\u2014they can handle a more complex application and still maintain their efficiency and high speed rates. These feeders are more commonly used for packaging, printing, and labeling automation.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/hoosier-4.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/hoosier-5.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/hoosier-6.jpg", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "Prefeeders", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Prefeeders", "description": "

Hoosier Feeder designes custom hoppers and elevators to assist in storage of parts in higher quantites. Depending on the size and quantity of your parts, Hoosier has an option that will increase your efficiency and storage.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/hoosier-7.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/hoosier-8.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/hoosier-9.png", "caption": "" } ] } ], "website_url": "" }" ["archived"]=> string(0) "" ["archived_inherited"]=> string(0) "" ["publish_at"]=> NULL ["expire_at"]=> NULL ["max_age"]=> string(1) "0" ["last_edited_by"]=> string(1) "6" ["ga_page_views"]=> string(1) "0" ["position"]=> string(1) "0" ["created_at"]=> string(19) "2019-12-18 15:27:58" ["updated_at"]=> string(19) "2020-02-12 13:30:24" }
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Welker has been providing the “Best-in-Class” automation components since 1930. They offer standard components for locating, clamping, sliding, lifting, ejecting, transporting, stopping and rotating applications. With all these capabilities, these components allow Welker to adapt to a wide range of different applications.


**Sold in Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Only

", "sections": [ { "__internal-title": "Shot Pins", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Shot Pins", "description": "

Welker offers several different types and sizes of shot pins, all requiring minimal maintenance from end customer due to needing no lubrication. These shot pins are resistant to corrosion and weld splatter and designed with steel and aluminum construction.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/welker1.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/welker-shot-pin.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/welker-shot-pin-2.jpg", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "Clamps", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Clamps", "description": "

Welker offers wire & tube clamps, hook clamps, part positioners, and pin clamps. All these clamps feature durability, strong construction yet lightweight, and offer multiple port positions.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/welker-clamps.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/welker-clamp-2.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/welker-clamp-3.jpg", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "Slides", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Slides", "description": "

You have the option of Pneumatic, electric, part presentation, or DB guided slides. All are available in various sizes and capabilities. Welker strives to create parts that offer a cost and space saving alternative.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/welker-slides.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/welker-slides-2.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/welker-slide-3.jpg", "caption": "" } ] } ], "website_url": "" }" ["archived"]=> string(0) "" ["archived_inherited"]=> string(0) "" ["publish_at"]=> NULL ["expire_at"]=> NULL ["max_age"]=> string(1) "0" ["last_edited_by"]=> string(1) "6" ["ga_page_views"]=> string(1) "0" ["position"]=> string(1) "0" ["created_at"]=> string(19) "2019-12-18 15:28:32" ["updated_at"]=> string(19) "2020-02-12 13:30:06" }
American Grinding
array(25) { ["id"]=> string(2) "69" ["trunk"]=> string(0) "" ["parent"]=> string(1) "2" ["in_nav"]=> string(2) "on" ["nav_title"]=> string(18) "American Grinding " ["route"]=> string(33) "american-grinding-machine-company" ["path"]=> string(43) "equipment/american-grinding-machine-company" ["title"]=> string(17) "American Grinding" ["meta_keywords"]=> string(0) "" ["meta_description"]=> string(0) "" ["seo_invisible"]=> string(0) "" ["template"]=> string(21) "manufacturer_featured" ["external"]=> string(0) "" ["new_window"]=> string(0) "" ["resources"]=> string(2952) "{ "page_header": "American Grinding & Machine Company", "logo": "{staticroot}files/pages/american-grind-new.jpg", "brand_copy": "

American Grinding offers grinding, welding and fabrication services. They are one of the largest flat grinding shops in the country and have 22 grinding machines that are ready to be put to work! They also specialize in what they call a “Brute Base” which is a heavy-duty steel base/table that is customizable to your needs. American Grinding offers different size and shape weldments and can weld pieces up to 20 tons.

", "sections": [ { "__internal-title": "BRUTE Bases", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "BRUTE Bases", "description": "

American Grinding has been the leader in machine bases for years, and that is because their bases are strong, reliable and competitively priced. These bases can be used in any situation, some of their bases have supported the world\u2019s largest and most impressive machines!

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/brute-base.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/brute-base-2.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/brute-base-3.jpeg", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "BRUTE heavy-duty carts", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "BRUTE heavy-duty carts", "description": "

Their brute base carts main goal is durability; they are made from their heavy-duty iron and can hold up to 5,000 pounds. They offer these carts in any size, or color that you need. Most of these carts come with casters for easy movement, but they can also be made without the casters.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/am-grinding-cart.jpeg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/am-grinding-cart-2.png", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "BRUTE Robot Pedestals", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "BRUTE Robot Pedestals", "description": "

American grinding offers Brute riser blocks to enhance the versatility of your machine. They can be custom built to meet your specific needs.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/pedastal.png", "caption": "" } ] } ], "website_url": "" }" ["archived"]=> string(0) "" ["archived_inherited"]=> string(0) "" ["publish_at"]=> NULL ["expire_at"]=> NULL ["max_age"]=> string(1) "0" ["last_edited_by"]=> string(1) "6" ["ga_page_views"]=> string(1) "0" ["position"]=> string(1) "0" ["created_at"]=> string(19) "2020-01-14 14:36:41" ["updated_at"]=> string(19) "2020-02-12 11:39:50" }
Sciemetric Instruments Inc
array(25) { ["id"]=> string(2) "70" ["trunk"]=> string(0) "" ["parent"]=> string(1) "2" ["in_nav"]=> string(2) "on" ["nav_title"]=> string(26) "Sciemetric Instruments Inc" ["route"]=> string(26) "sciemetric-instruments-inc" ["path"]=> string(36) "equipment/sciemetric-instruments-inc" ["title"]=> string(26) "Sciemetric Instruments Inc" ["meta_keywords"]=> string(0) "" ["meta_description"]=> string(0) "" ["seo_invisible"]=> string(0) "" ["template"]=> string(21) "manufacturer_featured" ["external"]=> string(0) "" ["new_window"]=> string(0) "" ["resources"]=> string(3225) "{ "page_header": "Sciemetric Instruments", "logo": "{staticroot}files/pages/sciemetric-2.png", "brand_copy": "



Sciemetric Instruments has been helping their customers for over 25 years to fix some of the largest quality issues. They offer the best machines, tests and processes for you to optimize your production lines and return to 100% productivity in no time at all. Sciemetric's team will not only help you collect the needed data, but also assist in putting that data to good use. 

", "sections": [ { "__internal-title": "Process Monitoring", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Process Monitoring", "description": "

Sciemetric offers 2 main devices in their process monitoring division; the Sciemetric EDGE and the SigPOD. The Sciemetric EDGE is an analytics platform that works in record time to perform real-time pass or fail control and helps gain the knowledge on how to improve your overall processes. The SigPOD is a package solution that helps detect the defects quickly using their advanced signature analysis.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/sciemetric-edge.png", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/sciemetric-sigpod-and-3520-devices.png", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "Leak Test", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Leak Test", "description": "

Sciemetric has partnered up with CTS to provide customers with the most innovative leak test technology. Sciemetric offers testers for both small and large applications and they guarantee that when using their products, even the smallest leak in any part or product will be detected.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/sciemetric-leak-test.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/sciemetric-leak-test-2.jpg", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "Data Intelligence", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Data Intelligence", "description": "

Collecting the data is generally never the hard part, its finding the solution. Sciemetric helps their customers implement a data analysis solution that will make your processes faster and more efficient long term. Their Data management solutions include collection, storage, analysis, reporting and suggestions for continuous process improvement.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/data-int-1.png", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/data-int-2.jpg", "caption": "" } ] } ], "website_url": "" }" ["archived"]=> string(0) "" ["archived_inherited"]=> string(0) "" ["publish_at"]=> NULL ["expire_at"]=> NULL ["max_age"]=> string(1) "0" ["last_edited_by"]=> string(1) "6" ["ga_page_views"]=> string(1) "0" ["position"]=> string(1) "0" ["created_at"]=> string(19) "2020-01-14 14:51:57" ["updated_at"]=> string(19) "2020-02-12 11:39:39" }
array(25) { ["id"]=> string(2) "13" ["trunk"]=> string(0) "" ["parent"]=> string(1) "2" ["in_nav"]=> string(2) "on" ["nav_title"]=> string(5) "Mecco" ["route"]=> string(5) "mecco" ["path"]=> string(15) "equipment/mecco" ["title"]=> string(5) "Mecco" ["meta_keywords"]=> string(0) "" ["meta_description"]=> string(0) "" ["seo_invisible"]=> string(0) "" ["template"]=> string(21) "manufacturer_featured" ["external"]=> string(0) "" ["new_window"]=> string(0) "" ["resources"]=> string(3678) "{ "page_header": "Mecco", "logo": "{staticroot}files/pages/mecco_logo_tagline_rgb-1.jpg", "brand_copy": "

Focused on Part Identification and traceability since 1889, MECCO is driven to continuously evolve their technology development in order to extend beyond the marker and into the automated factory. Todays top manufacturers have partnered with MECCO to develop full marking and traceability solutions that enable their factories to achieve higher efficiencies, reduce manufacturing costs and increase quality.


**Sold in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Only

", "sections": [ { "__internal-title": "Laser Markers", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Laser Markers", "description": "

The MeccoMark Laser Marking System provides an industrial solution for product and traceability, allowing manufacturers to mark serial numbers, bar codes and Graphics on the widest variety of materials, including metals, plastics and ceramics. Fiber And CO2 Lasers available in a broad range of powers.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/side-door_pic-1.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/meccomarkfiber_lowres.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/laser-barcode.jpg", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "Dot Peen Markers", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Dot Peen Markers", "description": "

MC2000 Series Dot Peen markers are the fastest in the Industry. Designed to meet Short marking cycle times on production lines. The patented Y axis pivot design marks up to 16 characters per second. Unit can work in and position and provides a lightweight and tight real estate solution. Available in Integrated, Benchtop, Portable Pistol Grip and Combo Designs.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/combo-1.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/mc2000standard-1.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/dotpeen-barcode-1.jpg", "caption": "" } ] }, { "__internal-title": "Ethermark & Profimark Control", "__internal-subtitle": "", "header": "Ethermark & Profimark Control", "description": "

MECCOs patent pending Ethermark is a technology solution that facilitates integration Of marking systems into factory automation networks using Ethernet IP Protocol. Also now Available Profimark for those using Profinet.

", "photo": [ { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/ethermark-hmiscreen_72-1.jpg", "caption": "" }, { "image": "{staticroot}files/pages/ethermark-logo-1.png", "caption": "" } ] } ], "website_url": "" }" ["archived"]=> string(0) "" ["archived_inherited"]=> string(0) "" ["publish_at"]=> NULL ["expire_at"]=> NULL ["max_age"]=> string(1) "0" ["last_edited_by"]=> string(1) "6" ["ga_page_views"]=> string(1) "0" ["position"]=> string(1) "2" ["created_at"]=> string(19) "2015-10-09 13:50:30" ["updated_at"]=> string(19) "2020-02-12 13:44:01" }