Gate technologies has been serving the worldwide network for over 70 years and is the worldwide network for Cam Driven Systems. They provide the highest accuracy and repeatability within automation. Some of their most popular products include rotary indexers, robotic weld positioners, standard and special cams.  

**Sold in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Only


CDS offers various model sizes of Cam Driven or Servo controlled rotary positioners—ranging from 200 pounds to 20,000+ pounds. Simply provide them with your drawings and they can produce what you’re looking for.

Rotary Tables

Gate offers 11 different types of rotary tables with each series having different features. These rotary tables can be focused towards flexibility, speed, reaction time and more. 


Gate's line of Indexers includes Parallel indexers, Oscillator indexers, and Servo indexers. Each one has different features; their parallel indexers utilize a paradromic cam set and friction cam. Within their Oscillating line of indexers, they offer the HP series which features the shortest index angle available on the market. The servo line is targeted towards applications where high compact and robust solutions are required.

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