MECCO, headquartered outside of Pittsburgh, PA., is recognized as a leader in industrial product marking and identification systems. MECCO’s wide range of innovative laser and dot peen marking solutions, from modular marking workstations to fully integrated turnkey traceability solutions, and technical expertise enable manufacturers to increase quality, performance, and profitability. Through The Mecco Experience, customer relationships are paramount, providing the long-term solutions that differentiate MECCO.

**Sold in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Only

OEM Laser Markers

The SMARTmark OEM Laser Marking Systems provide industrial solutions for product traceability, allowing manufacturers to mark serial numbers, bar codes and graphics on the widest variety of materials, including metals, plastics and ceramics. OEM laser systems integrate into a line with maximum connectivity options. Fiber, Tiburon, CO2, Green, and UV Lasers are available in a broad range of powers. MECCO also specialized in custom turnkey laser solutions, engineering some of the industry's most innovative systems.

Laser Marking Workstations

Discover all-new modular laser marking systems. The LightWriter by MECCO line of innovative range of easy, economical, all-in-one fiber laser marking workstations delivers the most well-designed, American-made systems in their class, so you operation can table any task. Save time and costs with manual or automation door options. The LightWriter PRO Connect by MECCO is a line of connectivity and integration-ready laser marking systems with advanced automation options, enabling smarter, more productive operations.

Pin Markers and Scribers

COUTH Pin Marking Systems are the fastest in the industry and make the deepest marks, while the Scribe provides reduced noise level up to 30% lower than U.S. requirements. Designed to meet short marking cycle times on production lines, the patented Y axis pivot design marks up to 16 characters per second according to character height. Units can work in position provide a lightweight and tight real estate solution. Available in Integrated, Benchtop, Portable Pistol Grip and Combo Designs.

Ethermark Control

The patented Ethermark Laser and Pin Marking Integration provides direct communication between the PLC and marking device. It was the first technology solution to facilitate integration of marking systems into factory automation networks using Ethernet/-IP protocol. It can help reduce programming time from 30+ hours to as little as eight minutes.

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