Beginning in 1968 out of Switzerland, BalTec is now the global leader in riveting technology and has expanded into special engineered assembly cells. BalTec is the best source for any cold forming, fastening, or riveted assembly application. Their team strives to provide a high level of customer satisfaction by supporting in both testing and service centers all over the world. They can also assist in determining the best joining technology for your business.

**Sold in Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Only

Radial Riveting and Orbital Riveting

Radial Riveting technology is the best way to ensure a high quality joint in a short amount of time. This technology has a low cycle time and it requires little amount of force. Radial Riveting is a gentler process that results in a smoother finish when compared to Orbital Riveting. However, there are some special applications where orbital riveting can produce better results. Radial Riveting creates a rose petal path and Orbital creates a cone path or a circular motion.

Roller Forming

These machines are often used for applications involving thin material walls and large diameters. The roller wheels are mounted onto a rotating spindle and then they roll onto the part as they form to the desired shape. Depending on your needs, BalTec will construct a custom rolling head so you get the form you are looking for.

Process Monitoring

When process monitoring was first offered 20 years ago, it was developed solely for radial riveting; but now it is used in all processes within BalTec. It consists of the monitoring of the stoke, time, and force during each forming cycle. The benefits include verification of predefined quality characteristics, proof of quality through stored cycle data, reduction of rejects and rework costs, and elimination of downstream inspection.

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