MayTec offers a comprehensive, harmonized profile system. All profiles can be combined in any way imaginable. Accessories provide functional and aesthetic solutions for a wide range of applications. Options to integrate are as versatile as the MayTec profile system. Choose ready to use standard components for your own use, profiles and accessories, cut to size for your own assembly, completely assembled units or the ultimate flexibility of assembly and installation at your own site. The MayTec profile system is easy to process and quick to assemble. The flexible and modular construction make it  easy to modify and reuse at any time. An experienced team will support you in implementing the MayTec system, customized to your individual applications, required dimensions, loading capacity and stability.

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Maytec Extrusion System can be applied to a broad range of applications. bases, enclosures and guards for your machines. Assembly and inspection stations, both static and mobile. Transfer and supply carts. Workstations tailored to your unique manufacturing requirements can be a good alternative to cataloged products. Applications can go into trade show booths, shelving display systems for lobbys and training/customer Centers. If you can imagine it, we can build if from Maytec.

The Conveyor System

The Maytec conveyor system provides optimal adaptation to the required application. Belt material, drive type and profile design can be combined in any number of combinations to best suit the application. Simple handling, reliable technology and solid construction guarantees the problem free operation and long life of the system. Along with the large and broad range of standard sizes and designs The Maytec conveyor system is perfect for special Sizes, and custom designs. Maytec offers a conveyor system for rapid implementation with short delivery time.

The Linear System

The Maytec linear guidance system offers the seamless integration of components from all well known bearing manufacturers into the Maytec profile system. Along with the integration of the components, Maytec also offers a huge range of of accessories to Expand and simplify the integration of linear guidance technology with profile technology. With three standard options use the Eco Slide carriage in variable, easy and robust design for good sliding characteristics; encased roller bearings as a tried and tested system for rough and dirty applications that require high force and low wear for a long life, or go compact using shaft guidance where stability And accuracy are critical.

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