Coval is the worldwide leader in Vacuum handling equipment, offering all styles, sizes and materials. They began in 1986 with the creation of the GVP series venturi range, and now with over 35 years of experience, they bring their customer base several different vacuum options to fill any need. They have personalized vacuum solutions for aerospace, automotive, agrofood, packaging and plastics.

Suction Cups

Coval offers a wide range of suction cups, along with any needed accessory you may need to fit the cup. They have their standard suction cups that can be used in any industry and also special purpose suction cups which are more targeted towards one-off applications.

Vacuum Pumps

Coval offers a complete range of vacuum pumps that offer optimal output, low energy consumption, silent operation and a wide suction range.  And of course, they also offer any needed accessory such as filters, silencers, ejectors and the mounting kits.

Vacuum Grippers

Coval offers grippers that can be used in many different industries such as packaging, plastics, metal or wood. Thanks to their different options and customized solutions, Covals grippers are the simplist solution to handle various shape and size products.

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