Sciemetric Instruments has been helping their customers for over 25 years to fix some of the largest quality issues. They offer the best machines, tests and processes for you to optimize your production lines and return to 100% productivity in no time at all. Sciemetric's team will not only help you collect the needed data, but also assist in putting that data to good use. 

Process Monitoring

Sciemetric offers 2 main devices in their process monitoring division; the Sciemetric EDGE and the SigPOD. The Sciemetric EDGE is an analytics platform that works in record time to perform real-time pass or fail control and helps gain the knowledge on how to improve your overall processes. The SigPOD is a package solution that helps detect the defects quickly using their advanced signature analysis.

Data Intelligence

Collecting the data is generally never the hard part, its finding the solution. Sciemetric helps their customers implement a data analysis solution that will make your processes faster and more efficient long term. Their Data management solutions include collection, storage, analysis, reporting and suggestions for continuous process improvement.

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