The industry-founding Moorfeed brand lives on as a division of Executive Automation Systems Inc. Beginning in the late 1950's the Moorfeed name has been synonymous with quality and solutions to the most demanding parts feeding and placement applications. Moorfeed Corporation is now a division of EAS, carrying on the knowledge, expertise, and quality you have come to expect from the Moorfeed brand, your leader in today's parts feeding and orienting industry.

Vibratory & Centrifugal Bowls

Moorfeed Vibratory and Centrifugal Bowls are the hearts of our industry leading parts feeding and placement Systems. Available with many options on speed control, based on your individual part size and required feed Orientation we design and build bowls to your specific requirements.


Material Handling

Moorfeed Storage Bins, hoppers and part elevators control part levels in bowls to provide you the user with Optimal feed rates and operator free turnkey systems. Bulk storage allows for unattended operation, lower Operator load height and improved performance and safety.

Part Delivery & Orientation

Vibratory, gravity and air driven tracks, conveyor systems, gage rolls and blow tubes deliver oriented parts to your Specific point of use and round out the system.

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