With a Support Network Spanning the globe DE-STA-CO offers consistent, comprehensive service to any location in the world. DE-STA-CO offers the widest range of manual, hydraulic and pneumatic products on the market. The availability of specials and custom components ensures a perfect solution to your specific applications. DE-STA-CO raises the bar for total automation solutions, complimentary engineered products can be tailored to meet your unique automation needs. Based in Auburn Hills, MI DE-STA-CO is a Dover company.

DE-STA-CO Workholding

The DE-STA-CO Workholding Group and its “Red Handle Clamp” is synonymous in industrial manufacturing. Offering the Broadest Range of Hold Down Clamps, Straight Line Action Clamps, Precision, Pull Action Clamps and Squeeze Action Plier Clamps for a wide variety of holding applications. This line is rounded out with Pneumatic Swing and Power Camps and a wide variety of specialty automation products.


Robohand is an industry leader in Pneumatic Grippers, Slides and Tool Changers. With the broadest range in the Market, the gripper line include parallel, angular and sheet metal grippers. The broad slide product range include, linear slides, linear thrusters and feed escapements.


For over 50 years, CAMCO products have been the industry standard for the highest quality can-actuated motion Control products. The product line includes indexing drives with right angle or parallel shaft orientation, and shaft or flange Outputs ranging from large index drives for heavy duty automotive applications to smaller index drives for pharmaceutical Or electronic components. Included in this product range are Precision Link Conveyor for Linear Transfer, when combined With CAMCO indexers the customer can construct and complete parts handling solution from one supplier.

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