Adept was acquired by Omron in October 2015 and they are now a multinational corporation with offices all through the United States. They focus on industrial automation and robotics, striving to continually improve the relationship between machines and humans. Adept is beginning to break into several different markets such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, And Driver Monitoring Technology. Their focus within Manufacturing is “Innovative-Automation”, the three “I”s that encourage innovation in manufacturing:

Intelligent, Interactive, Integrated

Mobile Robots

Omron created their Mobile robot to increase the workflow within manufacturing. These robots can do some of the simpler tasks such as moving carts or totes from A to B, which then allows your employees to focus on the tasks that require more complex human skills. The mobile robot is flexible, safe and efficient. It features an easy conveyor-top integration, it will avoid moving obstacles and work collaboratively with people and it is efficient in locating the shortest available path to it.

Industrial Robots

Omron offers 4 main types of industrial robots, all striving to shorten startup and maintenance time and to help optimize productivity within manufacturing. They have the Cobra 350, eCobra 600/800, and eCobra 800 Inverted which are all SCARA robots. Then they offer 1 articulated robot which is the Viper 650/850.

Collaborative Robots

Omron's TM series collaborative robot takes the collaboration between human and machine to the next level. This robot is created with advanced 2D vision which increases its ability to be interactive but still safe. You can be working with it and it will recognize a human is present using its built in vision system and not injure the human. The goal of this robot is to help reduce employee fatigue of performing repetitive tasks such as loading and unloading, assembly, screw driving, gluing and testing. This robot is designed to adapt to almost any industry.

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